In 5 Steps

VOIhotels adopted the safety protocols suggested by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Italian National Institute of Health (ISS) and it created a security protocol already operational in our hotel. We worked with a team of in-house and outside experts, so that every choice was safe and effective. We consulted technicians and experts from the University of Messina, who have especially taken care of safety aspects at work, giving our protocol solid scientific foundations. Safe Easy, an expert consultancy company in the field has collaborated in the drafting of the actionable processes, according to rigorous technical criteria and relevant to the needs. Vireo, a certification company for various firms, has supported us in the development of the SAFE WITH VOI protocol and in the audit program that guaranteed constant checks.

The “Safe with VOI” protocol is built around 5 steps, all equally necessary and rigorously carried out, which guarantee the efficacy of the protection actions and at the same time make the holiday in VOIhotels still authentically Italian. Each step contains many procedures, attentions, checks and processes that each of us is required to follow for the well-being of ourselves and of the people around us. It is expressed in new ways, changes to what was once a holiday routine, but it guarantees safety and at the same time offers a stay experience full of joy and serenity. Having minimized the risks for staff and guests, and proposing certain procedures to follow, makes the climate even more peaceful and suitable for a holiday.

Step 1 | Sanitizing


New sanitization procedures at each guest change. Sanitization of all room surfaces and textiles. Your rooms are clean and safe.

Common Areas

Having an aperitif at the table and enjoying the view is an important part of a holiday. We sanitize tables and chairs after each use, the common areas. To communicate it we use a simple red card which means “safe”, if it is not there you can ask for immediate sanitization before sitting down.

Step 2 | Distancing


We have expanded the common spaces and organized different processes that required proximity. At the restaurant as at the bar close to your family members, distant from the others.


Web check-in and No cash in house are two services that we have implemented to encourage distancing and simplify life and holidays for our guests.

Step 3 | Communicating


In all the internal and external areas of the hotel some panels with simple and intuitive descriptions remind and suggest suitable and safe behaviors to enjoy the holiday.


Before the opening of our resorts, our employees are trained by professionals in the sector on the new procedures adopted by VOIhotels, and carry out specific training for the safe management of suspicious cases.

Step 4 | Protect

Protective Equipment

Hand sanitizing stations are being installed in common areas, for guests and staff. Washing hands with gel is a gesture that has become habitual and that protects everyone. Our staff also wears protective masks.


Constant serological tests will be done by our staff and a body temperature check will be carried out before each shift. In our hotel, random and incognito checks will be carried out by experts from the Vireo certification company.

Covid Manager

To ensure timely action, we have chosen a Covid Manager responsible for managing all the activities related to the protocol. Within its staff there is a doctor and specially trained staff. The Covid Manager is available to guests to explain procedures and clarify doubts.

Step 5 | Enjoying

Food Service

Our aim is that guests can eat well and enjoy the meal. To make this happen safely, we have expanded schedules and spaces between the tables. Instead of self service our guests will be served at the table.